Tuesday, November 10, 2015

On The Beach

The penultimate day we went to the beach and I thought "I think only one doll enough today", so I took only my favorite: Nefera! Here is pictures of Nefera on the beach :D

Check out other pictures of Nefera from my instagram account ;)


El Teide

When I was on holiday we went to the volcano named El Teide. But this time, with Zimi and Cali. Here is photos of that trip :)

That was fun :D But when we went almost the top of the volcano, there was pretty cold



Last two weeks I was on holiday on Tenerife, Spain, and Nefera, Zimi, Cali and Jax came with me. Holiday started well and here is some photos of the first day when Nefera and Jax went to the pool :D


ps. My cousin made those bikini for Nefera ;D

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Hi! Do you know that annoying feeling, when you´re just raked all of those leaves and then your bro or sis comes and jump at that giant leaf hill? Well, I don´t know, because I don´t have any sisters or brothers, but Zimi do! If you wanna know what happened then, read... ;)

"Phew! Finally I´m done..."

"I need a little break."


Nadi ran really fast!

And then she jumped.
What a giant bounce!

"Oh my god!"

"Oh, hello Zimi! How´s it going?"

"Well, what you think?!"

"And why did you do that?!"

"What? That was fun"

"No, that wasn´t fun. And you´re going to clean up this mess"

"Okay... Give me that stupid rake"

"Damn... I hate this..."

Whisper: "In your face."

Well, that was it :) Have a nice day ;D