Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Hi! Do you know that annoying feeling, when you´re just raked all of those leaves and then your bro or sis comes and jump at that giant leaf hill? Well, I don´t know, because I don´t have any sisters or brothers, but Zimi do! If you wanna know what happened then, read... ;)

"Phew! Finally I´m done..."

"I need a little break."


Nadi ran really fast!

And then she jumped.
What a giant bounce!

"Oh my god!"

"Oh, hello Zimi! How´s it going?"

"Well, what you think?!"

"And why did you do that?!"

"What? That was fun"

"No, that wasn´t fun. And you´re going to clean up this mess"

"Okay... Give me that stupid rake"

"Damn... I hate this..."

Whisper: "In your face."

Well, that was it :) Have a nice day ;D